Cookies can be used to Improve User Experience

Cookies are tools or that little bits of code which stores and retrieve data on the client side of the connection by server side connections (such as CGI scripts) for personalization. Cookies store location and browsing history. There are lots of myths saying cookies can damage your hard drive, manipulate your data or involves in identity theft, which is not true. For the Web Developer cookies help to perceive the Visitors needs by obtaining information about the Visitors behaviour on their website or through time spent pages.  Marketing through Cookies is not meant for all visitors, there are visitors who block Cookie information but most Users keep them enabled. From Marketers perspective cookie serves as a platform to reach their target audience and with the information that the Visitor has shared trusting the Website should be used in a proper way to benefit the Visitor with a better service or product.  Nobody could have ever imagined that something as small as cookies can help creating brand prominence and enhance User experience.

Cookies store the information you provide any website by filling forms and giving them your details which would be retrieved the next time you visit the site to enhance the User experience. Cookies give a unique id for the information you have shared.  Therefore, cookies itself does not create problems, it’s only the choice of information you share with some specific malicious websites. Anyways you have the option of disabling cookies but wisely using cookies would be the best choice for keeping intact the User Web browsing experience.

Let’s explore how Cookies work on Web with this infographic.



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