E-commerce Website Design and Development Trends For 2017

E-commerce Website Design and Development Trends For 2017

There has been a direct co-relation amid an e-commerce website and web designing from ages. In the strong competition of business round the world there is no sense for making a business website which does not perform well and withstand in the present market. Because at the end, all matters is how much revenue we earn from our website.

Truth is that customers today not gone a look out for more info on website, today they wish to see visual clarification and make their decision which is easy to comprehend and time saving. A website with the newest designing trends gets clicks simply from clients. These days, the company which provides the service of Ecommerce Website development always follows the newest trends and techniques for making E-commerce websites and delivers the best customer satisfaction.


Trend 1: Mobile Design to look forward

Currently it’s not about adaptive or responsive web design it’s all about making simpler access on mobile website. Websites will be using hamburger menus by occupying the whole width of the screen. The supremacy of icons, buttons and images of big size is going to increase.

Trend 2: Growth in demand of Material Design

In 2017 the material design is going to mount. No doubt websites and e-commerce web development are going to profit from it.

Trend 3: Lazy Loading Speed with Long Scrolls

The term lazy sounds to be dispirited but it will prove more useful also as more time loading a webpage give you a chance to add more products. So as an alternative of loading a new page, a customer can see more business products in one single page view.

Trend 4: Putting Hamburgers on Left side

The usual trend of keeping the hamburger menu on the right side is going to alter. From the year 2017, onwards, you will see it on the left side. Wondering why? Well, rendering to the bootstrap framework, website designers had put the navigation bar on the right side by default, so the hamburger menu will change. Even the search engine giant, Google has started following the trends.

Trend 5: GIFs, Cinema graphs, video clips and more

All of us know those hilarious short clips which had occupied the internet all over and saying that GIFs are going to add life in that. This time it will come back as cinema graph.

Trend 6: Using Bright Colours

In the year 2017, websites will emphasis more on the demographics of the audience. On the origin of websites which individuals of a particular age group access, e-commerce websites will tune the colour to match the choice and preferences of the website.

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