Email Marketing for Customer Engagement and Lead Generation

Email Marketing- An All time Reliable Digital Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing is notably one of the strongest marketing channels to communicate business standpoint.  If it is practiced effectively it outperforms other Digital Marketing strategies but if the strategy lacks somewhere in the execution or in targeting the right audience, then it becomes futile. This strategy helps in promoting services or products, interacting with customers, transforming ideas into actions and in reaching business objectives.

Here’s a Guide to Email Marketing Strategy

Personalize the content in your Emails

As most of the product sales come from recommendations so having the adequate information in the email which will serve the customers requirement is highly recommendable. However, personalization of messages by using customer information (male or female, age, search history, name etc) would create a good rapport with the customer and effectively promotes your services.

Yes instead of “Dear Valued Customer”, “Dear [Customer Name}” can help building a better connection.

Segment your email list

Segmentation of email list is crucial because you don’t want to mix up emails meant for a particular section of subscribers with others that would create a bad reputation. This ensures that the emails are not sent to those who are not expecting them.

 Mobile Friendly Emails

Emails that are responsive to different devices have high chances to reach more targeted customers. Nowadays, emails are mostly checked on smartphones, therefore, the amount of mobile traffic now accounts for more than half of total internet traffic.

Analyze the behavior of your potential customer before planning a strategy

For boosting up audience growth, make a research on the places where customers are already engaging with your brand. Then try to enrich those experiences and generate engagement by suggesting related services or products.

Innovate, Surprise and generate interest

Incorporating videos or landing pages about products or services they are considering to purchase gears up their interest on it. Animated GIF thumbnail can potentially captivate the addressee and holds his interest on the email content. Email Marketing engagement must ideally improve customer loyalty to deliver results.

If the above strategies are followed then it ideally improves customer loyalty to deliver results. The infographic below highlights the benefits of Email Marketing:


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