Google’s Latest Penguin Update 

Not like earlier Penguin Updates, this one is diverse and is usually much fairer than its earlier versions.  As you may be conscious that last week a main Penguin Update was trolled out by Google explicitly Google 4.0 algorithm update. There are foremost facts you should know about this specific update.


Penguin is currently Google’s core algorithm

The initial one is that it’s currently a part of Google’s core algorithm that means Google is not in a temper to excuse sites using black hat link structures to trick Google to get advanced rankings.

Gets efficient in real time

With Penguin data receiving relaxed in real time, there is no necessity to concern about or wait for few months to take some helpful measure, in case your website has been fined.

The helpful measure will be seen as soon as the affected webpage is fetched by Google bots the next time.

Penalizes only the troubled webpage

One better thing about newest Penguin Update is that it distresses only the wrong page and not the whole website.  So, eliminate the spammy links as soon as possible, you feel your website has been fined due to Penguin update.

In this situation, even a new website can have a good ranking, if its opponents are anyhow fined by Penguin. If you update great content with pertinent links, it will be rewarded promptly. Google is using AI (artificial intelligence) to assess the quality of links. So, if rather goes wrong when you are running some periodic or festive publicity campaign like Holi or Diwali Bonanza, some spammy links positioned by your SEO experts can be excused by Google, but this would not be the situation the rest of the time.

Is it good or bad?

In a specific way, the newest Penguin update is good news for SEO communal.  There is no need to wait for several months to get your SEO faults fixed; it will currently get updated immediately in a day. Likewise, Google is also probable to punish you promptly, if you use any black hat policies. Moreover, your SEO errors are not going to touch the ranking of the entire website; it will just disturb the ranking of the alarmed webpage.

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