Important Elements of a Website

Important Elements of a Website

Website is the crucial point of social media marketing; it is the best way people connect to potential and current customers. Website is not only a place to promote your business brand, but it also is an influential data collection tool.

Website is the basis of any promotional efforts, and we also know that stronger the foundation, tougher the structure is.

Let us see some of the basic elements needed for websites designing.

Website desgining


Space in the website is very vital as it dictates everything from the flow to readability. Space usage has altered a lot from the last decade. Huge spaces and amplified spacing amid lines of text is the trend now.

Spacing is the main element here. For text with similar elements, constancy should be existing in terms of spacing. The quantity of space amid the lines in a paragraph should be similar, as should be the amount of cloak about images.

Space is also significant when it comes to making a focal point for users. An image or piece of text enclosed by white space will appear bigger and more significant than one that is crowded into a smaller or tighter location in the web design. Also make a note that space should not be white, at times this provides an impact of lack of basics. If vital do use a background color or a texture.

Good Visual Design

Design is a term which environs all the visual basics of a website logo, white space, font, theme, layout, template and color.

Making use of a theme that relates to the theme of your website can aid to keep your content on path. While designing it is significant to use white space suitably and plan the color scheme so.

A Good design is formed with pleasing and humble visual themes. Loud, over wet colors and heavy graphics have a trend to hide the most bulging feature of the website. A perfect design is which allows the user to first grasp the content at title, then content and finally the data collection form.

Full graphics and over flooded colors have a trend to fight what should be the utmost bulbous feature on your site, content. The hierarchy of design should be in such a way that the viewer’s eye goes precisely where you want him to go; the header first, content second, and then to an information collection form.


Want to drive a client away, make the navigation puzzling! Since, navigation is the “GPS” of a website.

Navigation between the different pages and the present location page should be simple to do tasks by the customers.

The navigation bar should be simple to understand and be simply accessible. It should be same throughout the website. The size, color and placement of the side bars should be continuous.

Responsive Website

These days internet access is not restricted to computers and laptops, it’s all mobile. With smartphones, ease of internet access while on move has become likely. People browse through company websites in their smartphones, Tablets apart from PCs and Laptops.

Website should be responsive; by responsive I mean that its productivity should be well-suited to the device it is being seen on. It is very difficult for visitors to keep scrolling for info, while browsing a non-responsive website.

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