A Perfect Guide for Web Designers to Provide an Outcome based Support Services

A Perfect Guide for Web Designers to Provide an Outcome based Support Services

Valuing the Web Design Services is a problem that all web designers usually face. It will be so difficult to put a fiscal value on your time and even on your experience. Whether you like this phase of designing or not, it is somewhat you should do if you operate a Web Design Company or even if you are a freelancer.

Improperly, costing your services is not a precise science. You should consider some factors in order to fix a cost to the project properly. Of course, you need to price different projects in a different way so that you are waged equitably.


In this Blog, I just want to speak about the factors you need to consider when you are pricing your Web Design Services.

  1. Fixed Price or Hourly Basis

Web Design projects are usually priced a fixed amount or sometimes on hourly basis. It is significant to know the pros and cons of every single pricing structure.

Customers normally prefer to pay a fixed amount for design work so that they will have a complete idea on the full cost of the project. Whereas, for web designers, getting paid on hourly basis might be a more useful solution as it confirms you do not lose out fiscally if the design takes longer time.

So, if you are optimistic that you will not face any glitches with the designing, it might be worth charging the customer a fixed amount. Moreover, things usually won’t go according to a plan that is why most of the designers prefer to go by hourly basis. A perfect alternative is to cost a fixed price for the project and then cost more if it takes more time than the agreed number of hours.

Be certain to evaluate every single project and recognize the pros and cons of each pricing option before you agree the terms with the customer.

Determine the Market Price

Having an idea on the market rate for web design work will aid you price your own services efficiently. Check the rates of your competitors on their websites and over freelance marketplaces. Understand the market that you are targeting-

  • Are you offering your services locally or globally?
  • Are you aiming small businesses or big companies?
  • Are you doing smaller jobs like logos, banners or even bigger projects like complete websites?

Compare all the strategies to get a complete idea about your designing capabilities in order to fix a precise cost for your services.

Assess Your Own Skill Level

It is always worthwhile to evaluate the quality of your services contrary to your competitors. This will assist you to determine whether you can cost more than the market rate.

  • Are you having more experience than your competitors?
  • Are you offering something that others cannot
  • Are you a famous Web Design Company within your local market?

Being conscious of your own skill level will permit you to fix a price accordingly and justify these rates to your customers.

Signing a Contract

Before signing a contract, your contract should be crisp and clear:

  • The predictable time to complete the project and what occurs if the project takes more time to complete.
  • Set your working days per week or if you have any other holidays planned
  • Payment modes
  • What should be done if the customer changes his mind and wants to change the website design
  • What terms and conditions need to be met to cancel the project
  • Whether the customer will be charged more money, if the project requires more work than predictable
  • The amount of support, if any, that is delivered after the design has been finished


Whether you are a freelancer or a Web design Agency, be clear with the designing prices in order to avoid future problems. For everyone “Customer is King” and definitely we look for customer satisfaction.

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