A Quick Glimpse At The Most Popular PHP Frameworks

PHP is very popular programming language and it is rather handy to make all type of web applications it is intended by using the conceptions of C++ computer software programming language. PHP has a simple learning curve, which makes it so easy to use. it  frameworks are a good way to upsurge programming efficacy.

Popular PHP Frameworks

Some of the utmost popular PHP frameworks are as follows:


CakePHP trails a Model-view-controller tactic and it’s an open source framework. It makes website development so easy and quick.

CakePHP uses eminent software engineering notions and software design patterns and it has its personal preloaded libraries which aid the developers in developing web applications without any sort of intricacy.


Symfony is also an open source framework for it is scripting language. It is also mentioned to as Full-Stack framework.

The complete php  framework tails Model View Controller (MVC) model which is used to create web pages and websites. Moreover, this design pattern can be simply used by everybody.

Its updates are released twice in a year that’s normally through the months of May and November.

The finest thing about Symfony framework is that it delivers a facility to incorporate third party libraries into the web development procedure to fine tune the desired application.


Zend is also an open source framework urbanized for PHP.

It is completely an object oriented framework used for web application development which is instigated with PHP5 and is also utilized for web application development.

The finest thing about Zend framework is that it delivers operative and straight forward solution for both

  • Management
  • Customization

This framework is especially accessible to make consistent and secure Web 2.0 applications.

The Simple PHP:

Simple  framework lets you to craft websites with PHP 5.

This framework is perfect to bring web projects to life simply and quickly.

This framework is appropriate for freelancers and web designers and is perfect to fetch web projects to life effortlessly and quickly.

The above stated frameworks are the most well-known and often used this frameworks. They can be tailored rendering to your choice and project requirement as well.

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