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SEO and Content Writing


SEO adds competitive advantage to content. Content and SEO goes hand in hand and complements each other. Together, it has the potential to drive traffic, generate leads and increase sales, whilst maximizing the ROI on Digital Marketing.

In this Competitive space of Web, every brand strives hard to sustain competition by making distinct strategies which could probably help their websites to rank well with a targeted keyword. Actually, we tend to forget that Websites don’t rank: pages rank.There is lot of debate among SEO experts on what works and what not. Indeed, the idea of writing exemplary content which specifically meet the needs of the visitor seems to be an optimum strategy, but it would not be appreciative to create more content and publish without having a link gained from the central article which has the potential to drive traffic to other associated pages.

In a nutshell, Merely publishing great content that adds value to the visitors does not serve the purpose, a strategical content writing would rather help. Here comes the role of SEO. Keyword Choice or selecting the relevant keywords for your content is very important. An in-depth research on how the keyword might perform in your case and whether it is having worthwhile searches, and would it aid the visitor to reach your site, will be a stepping stone to reach the goal.

Title Tags and Headings

The title tag with focus on targeted keyword, is always a useful tactic. The search engine results prominently reflect the words the searcher is using in the title of the page. The title tag which also serves as a headline for your content should equally be compelling and meaningful.


Remarkable Content both in quality and quantity perceives user-gratification standpoint. The Content which is well communicated and keeps the reader from hitting the back button, sustains well in the web. Such overwhelming piece of content impulses the reader to link, share or refer it to other internet users.

Promote your Content

Finding out those pages in the website that Google already thinks is a better match for your targeted keyword and linking the page with other pages is the right approach. This is termed as internal linking. After completing this the next step is promoting it via different online channels like Social Media, Blogs, directories, Bookmarking sites, forums etc.

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