Significance Of Images On Web designing

Significance Of Images On Web designing

Images play a crucial role in the web designing. Images act as an element to grab the user’s attention. The design part of any website mainly focuses on the images, graphic control and how user-friendly the website is to the users. Images are the key elements for any website designing that makes the user visit the site and feel comfortable with the site.

 There was a good proverb saying that expressions are better to show than telling. In fact, the images you display in your website acts as storytellers to the users that visualize your products or service.  According to the research done by MIT neuroscientists, they found that the brain can identify images seen for as little as 13 milliseconds. So images can easily capture user’s attention before going to the content on the website.

Significance of Images on Web designing

 Images can vary in different ways like photographs, cartoons, infographics, GIFs or other visual elements.  It all depends on the designer’s mentality which type of image he wants to include on his website. Whatever may be the type of the image it should be fresh and should not look like hokey.

A website with images gets more views than without, the images placed on the website must be optimized with some of the Affordable SEO Services in order to get high traffic for their website.

Image Optimization Techniques:


Images are the strong visual building blocks for any website. There was a famous saying that a picture is better than thousand words.  So, in most of the websites, the picture that speaks first then your content whatever the image you placed must be relevant to your product or service. For example, an image of a Helicopter on a website related to Emirates would not make any sense.  The given image should be relevant to your website and the content.


One of the important and easily used features of Affordable SEO services is Keyword research. In order to avail good rank for your website, the Keywords play a vital rule. Whatever the images we have given in the website should be properly labeled matching with the image. In SEO perspective, it is significant to use the appropriate and acceptable keywords which would help to rank your website on the search engine.

 The naming of the file plays the crucial role for image optimization, the search engines not only search the keywords in website content but also within the name of your image file.

For example, if the image is about Apple iPhone 8, then it should be labeled as “Apple iPhone 8”. Naming the file name relevantly can prioritize in the list of search engine. If suppose if it labeled as “phone”, would not consider it under as SEO perspective and don’t yield good results in the search engine.


The Alt tag is one of the major image optimization techniques. It mainly used to represent alternate text to the images. This mainly happens when the browser takes a long time to load. Mostly the search engines are text-based they cannot read the images and videos. The location of images in the search engine appears as an empty space, which is not good at SEO point of view. The Alt tag describes the location of the image and also informs about the topic of the image. Whatever the description given in the Alt tag should be small and easily understandable.


The more the size of the image, that makes more loading time for the website. The size of the image should be lighter in order to avoid the loading time. The loading time also became a vital part of SEO rankings. It is important to keep the size of the image in low bytes.

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