Smart Digital Marketing Tips for Startups


The success of a startup including Bootstrapped startup, depends on its Digital Marketing strategy making. It’s not just a competition with your competitor but with the tons of marketing messages that Consumers are bombarded with every day. From micro to conglomerates! It’s the digital identity that determines your popularity among the niche customers. Here are some tried and tested formulae which certainly work and even a bootstrapped startup can also take the benefit from.
Strategic techniques for Brand Prominence
Start asking ‘who exactly is the customer and why should they buy from your Brand? This will help you strategize better. Map your key product benefits and try showing your brand in front of as many eyes as possible. Social Media is the best cost effective technique to promote your brand. A frequent and consistent post, with unique, engaging and attention grabbing content plays a key role in building your brand’s voice. There are few Social opportunities which warrant best ROI.
Organic or Paid SEO
An in-depth website analysis from code to text is the first pre-requisite necessary before making such efforts. This also revolves around organic SEO which predicts how well the website performs in terms of organic search engine rankings. The vital factor that builds the website reputation in SERPs, lies in a strategic Keyword Research. In addition to this local SEO can boost the Startups traction in the web. Semantic as well as algorithmic SEO, are the fundamental aspect of a website which outperforms competitors in SERPs.
Inbound marketing through blogs, videos, social media, SEO, forums, etc are the best-known techniques to improve website rankings and to drive traffic. And Outbound marketing like email campaigns, Google Ad words, display ads etc. could generate leads.
Content is the Key
While feeding content into the website you should be meticulous in your approach. As content is the most crucial subject that predicts the Website’s uniqueness and drives customer loyalty and sales. It should be focused on engaging audience and effectively convey your product or service to potential customers.
Blog Strategy
The blog is the section in the website which has the potential to engage the visitor for a much longer time. A professionally designed Blog with useful content proves to be rewarding. A blog can contain the informative piece of content, experiences or latest news. Enriching blog content on unique subject lines gains the word-of-mouth publicity for a Website.
Choosing the right combination of the above strategies and implementing them will effectively promulgate your website.

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