Top Web Designing Tactics to Swear by


Adopting Flat Designs

Web Designers worldwide have realized that the Flashy and incomprehensible pictures, crazy animations are more distracting and less Informative in terms of User’s perspective. A simplified Flat design with precise information enthralls today’s User. So sticking to flat designs plays a major role in the website designing process.

Decrease the Website Load Time

In today’s world when things happen just with a click, the slow loading pictures and other stuff in the website might irk the user’s interest. The website loading time is considered to be a vital in terms of Users experience. So it is better to decrease the load time as much as possible for gaining the desired user response.

Mobile Friendly Website Designs

The number of “mobile only users” overtook the “desktop users” which is going to be more evident in the years to come.  This is due to the feasibility of accessing internet anywhere with the help of a mobile device. With the advent of this new trend, the need for mobile responsive website design increases for better User experience. Therefore it is a wise decision to optimize both mobile and Desktop versions for your website.

Layouts that Let Content Shine

Focusing on the content and its presentation is the best thing to be done for a website, as the Users mostly visit a website for content. Minimalistic design approaches to give content more space gives productive results in terms of gaining traffic.

The most effective ways of achieving a good UX is by adopting innovative ways to present content to readers. Today’s web designing is morphed into a combination of responsive UX without compromising on the quality of content. Web designers need to check for any asymmetric layouts, which are not perfectly balanced on the left and right sides.

Big Bold Salient Statements on Product or Service

The use of succinct yet powerful statements has the potential to grab attention of the User who is interested to get the summary rather than scrolling the whole content.

More SVGs than Traditional Image Formats

SVGs (Scalable Vector Graphics) is the resolution-independent xml based vector image format, used for better interactivity and animation unlike the pixel based image formats like JPG, PNG and GIF.   SVGs don’t require any HTTP requests, which slow down the website speed.

Minimalistic Design Approach

This design approach lands the User on a “card” instead of a homepage. There can be multiple such cards in a website to represent a topic for a User to choose and click.

To engage Users, designers can opt for some of the above strategies and contribute the visual story of their site making it better, faster and device friendly website.

A Web Designer can follow these techniques to accomplish the best possible website design which would have the potential to grab Users attention.

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