Unique Web Designing Ideas for Creating a Better Website



Web Designing trends keep changing and the online appearance of a business website has the potential to gain it’s prominence in web. Exploring inspirational website design will challenge our conventional way of website designing.  Revamping the traditional Website design with a more unique and interesting one, leveraging a layout, is certainly an effective idea.

A Unique navigation path from home page to internal pages imbibes nice visual display of navigation for few important internal pages. It is a pretty clever idea if everything is put to perfection and is exceptionally well placed in the website. Visual images, with self-explanatory details, are a great strategy to gain an extraordinary UX experience. Contemporary Design layout with contrast colors and distinct style of representation improves the look and feel and adds a fun element to the website. The right use of grids with a refreshing new taste adds the wow factor of your website. It develops a curiosity element which captivates the visitor to try and read more. Scrollable photos within a fixed page engages Visitor and is adds aesthetic value to the website. These techniques certainly enthrall people to invest time to valuable content. Undoubtedly, this is a seamless experience for a targeted customer.

Selection of Images and their sizes also contribute to the innovative design strategy. Medium sized square (say at least 300px by 300px) gives a personalized impact on the user.  In Addition to this the use of Animation and integrated maps makes it interactive and impressive. Accessibility, innovative layout usage and Content are the keys to functional and efficient website.

Online Customers always have high expectations!

Ideal layout utilization is like a magic wand which highlights the objectives to the customers.   Most Internet Users use 800×600 resolution or 1024×768 resolution. Hence, it’s worthy criterion for a website designing.  Else, the website will look distorted on the screen when viewed through other resolution. The layout and Colors should have  a relevancy with the content of the website to entice customers interest. The websites responsiveness to different browser is also a vital factor.

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