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A meaningful concept, a  commendable piece of content, attractive look and feel and technically impeccable Website is the key to a successful Web project. Unlike otherwise stated Web Designing is a creative skill with a goal to appease the Visitor with the UI and UX. We focus on uploading meaningful content but it is equally significant to present meaningful shapes which enthrals the User to read the content and increases their curiosity level. Merely designing the website with pre-existing frameworks without unveiling the essentials of the project can never give the desired results. It’s not just awe-inspiring shapes, typography or info-graphics that should have a profound meaning but each component should depict the underlying project.

The cropped viewport of our browser windows is a major challenge for a Web Designer. Crafting beautiful designs within the layout is not difficult to achieve rather. Awe-inspiring shapes and figures can be used but it should be concept oriented and must match the browser parameters.

Here are few brainstorming ideas to make an inspiring Website:

Selecting the desired Colours

Light fresh colours are the best options and there should be enough white space in the picture. It should not have over-crowded components.

Concept building Curiosity

Sometimes concepts need not be understood on a first glance itself, but it should first develop curiosity and soon after reveal the incredible meaning behind. The concept shouldn’t be just visual, it should have the potential to gear up the user to hover, click and understand the concept.

Emphasising one Concept at a time

One Concept or element should be emphasised not to confuse the Visitor with too many Concepts speaking together. This provides a hierarchy for the readers to show them the desired direction, rather than diversifying their attention to many at a time.

Grids could be used with a purpose

Grids aren’t mere CSS frameworks, they can reveal connections between objects. The Grids can improve visual alignment by horizontally and vertically.

Web Designers should be careful to craft the concepts because it is the first thing that attracts a Visitor that predicts the impression of the site

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